Notes from the LVP Community

"Thank you for directing a school that recognizes  taking care of our planet, playing, being mindful and kind, and love as top priorities.  Everything, from watching my child perform “Salutations to the sun” and  seated meditations connecting to love and peace to out of nowhere announcing “Uranus is my favorite planet”,  fill me with happiness.  The work you do shaping these little humans is so important.  I am so thankful for all that you do, seriously."

- L.Z, Parent Lyons Colo.

“Our son has spent two enriching and wonderful years at Lyons Valley Preschool. The staff provides a very welcoming, loving, encouraging and safe environment for the children to learn and grow. The learning environment is tailored to the specific growth and development of each child, and the teachers successfully tailor their curriculum to the needs of each individual student. A balanced curriculum is offered, including arts and sciences, music, body, math, reading, writing, exploring the community, creativity, and much more. A main focus in the classroom centers on providing an environment where children are independent and learn how to do things for themselves and take responsibility for their actions. A focus on “respect for oneself, respect for others, and respect for the environment” prevails and provides a structured set of boundaries within which the children are enabled to learn, explore, challenge themselves, make mistakes, and grow. We love Lyons Valley Preschool and feel fortunate and blessed to be part of its loving community.”

- B.E., Parent Lyons, Colo.

"LVP has been far more than a school for our daughter. It is community and family. Our daughter loves and appreciates every moment there with her friends and teachers, and i mean genuinely loves from her heart her time spent there. We are so grateful, I honestly do not think I can express the level of gratitude we have. Every day there is a blessing. We feel confident she is getting the  love and educations she needs and wants to start her journey in this world on the right path. Thank you"  

-J.S., Parent and Business Owner, Lyons Colo.