Founded by parents. Focused on kids.

After the September 2013 floods in Colorado, the Lyons Community Montessori (LCM) school closed.  This was tragic news for the parents and children who were already fragile from their experiences with the flood and who simply wanted to get back into a normal routine.  Seeing this need, a group of parents from LCM have began working together to start a new Montessori-based preschool. Heartened by our community's optimism and emboldened by the size of the task at hand, our founders got to work. 

The first step was to get children back in preschool as soon as possible.  After several parent meetings, lots of research and a heavy dose of blood, sweat and tears, Lyons Valley Preschool opened in December 2013 under an Emergency Exemption Appeal.  After many more meetings, much research and some technical assistance from great partners, our founders decided the best way to move forward was to structure the preschool as a non-profit organization.

Lyons Community Church supported this effort by offering their parsonage building as a space for our school. This generous offer was quickly accepted, and Lyons Valley Preschool was born.